Rachel Charge Ceramics

Small batch handmade ceramics by nostalgic dreamer and founder of Bastian boutique. Each piece is unique, handmade with love and intended to be enjoyed in moments of pause. For empowered babes and conscious moments.

Aquarian Soul

Sensory products handcrafted in California with organic and wildcrafted ingredients by Aquarian Soul. Cruelty free / no animal testing.


Folk-Stone personally hunt for crystals all over Australia and hand select pieces from travels around the globe.


Ethically handmade and curated artisan pieces from Mexico. 

Laith & Leila

Ethically handmade and curated vintage textiles from Morocco. Each piece tells a story and reflects the families who made them. 

Liv & Dom

Cheeky hand sculpted and glazed stoneware by UK twin artists Liv & Dom.

Lux Aestiva

Sensory and lifestyle products by ethical luxury brand Lux Aestiva. Cruelty free / no animal testing.


A celebration of art infused stationery. Production processes are done by hand in their Iowa based letterpress studio. 


Ceramic boobies and other beauties lovingly hand-pinched by talented Australian artist, maker and mother.


Independent publishing house behind the epic 'Strange Plants' book series and 'Cats & Plants'.